Doesn’t everybody love to try new dishes and especially when they are so authentic? Well, last weekend I was lucky enough to find time and visit Bucharest Technology Week that took place downtown at the University Square in Bucharest. Spending time playing around with all the cool gadgets and high-tech objects, I had to take a break and and enjoy a beautiful sunny Sunday and have lunch – that’s where I came across TAQUERIA.

Taqueria is an authentic Mexican food truck that brings to its guests the most basic things that make it overall a great experience: fresh ingredients, friendly staff and of course delicious and unique dishes. Their menu is inspired by a fusion between northern Mexico and southern United States cusine, especially the Texas area, thus this being the reason for which the cuisine is called “Tex-Mex”. These culinary creations have been inspired by the Tejanos population, their name being derived from “Tejas”, the Hasinais indian name for “Texas”, meaning “friends”.


Now that we cultivated our soul with a little bit of history and background in regards to where these awesome people inspired their whole kitchen and menu from, it’s time to tell you a little bit about what fantastic and mouthwatering things you can chose from their various menu.

Not many many know, but I’m not the biggest veggie fan in the world. I kinda despise them, really. But that wasn’t an issue at all since at the Taqueria food truck I had a lot of options to choose from to satisfy my picky eating habits.


I chose the Plato, a mix of rice, black beans, salsa sour cream, cheese and salsa sauce. Honestly, it was one of the biggest dishes I’ve seen and it was absolutely fantastic.

The ingredients were fresh, they smelled delicious, tasted heavenly and made me think only of the traditional Mexican restaurants, that were small family-owned businesses, that I’ve dined in when back in the States. The exact original recipes were bought here in Romania by Taqueria for us to live the full-on Mexican experience.


There’s no #cheatday without a proper burger! This beef patty Mexican Burger looked very appetizing and the tequila flavored beer only complemented its taste.


For all the veggies and vegans out there, there’s also the Ensalada that you can try (lettuce, black or pinto beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese, spicy sauce)!


In the end, after an appetizing and satisfying lunch, I learned how to properly eat a burrito. I will have to put my new skills into practice next time since we can find the guys from Taqueria at their headquarters located on Sos. Buzesti nr. 55-57, right next to Piata Victoriei. When they’re not in town, you can always find them roaming around the country at the most interesting festivals and events. Keep in touch with them on their Facebook page or Instagram.

Adiós, amigos!